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安捷伦技术有限公司与Solarflare Communications公司共同演示更新工具

2007年05月22日 17:29:00 中国传动网

安捷伦技术有限公司与Solarflare Communications示范基于铜质电缆上的经济实用的10比特以太网更新工具 依据TIA/EIA 10GBASE-T TSB-155指导方针开发的网络设备和实地测试工具 安捷伦技术有限公司(NYSE: A)和Solarflare Communications公司————-10比特以太网产品的提供商,展示了网络单元和确认工具,可以使操作速度超过局域网电缆达到10比特操作速度。产品使网络操作者的操作速度过到10比特,示范将在Interop 2007,1774号厅举办。 在现存的铜质的基础上操作10比特的主要观点是对有效传输能力的外来串扰影响。来自坚固的局域网电缆的外来串扰可提高在干扰频道长于37米的传输信息包,也可导致最终的传输带宽。 安捷伦N2648A外来串扰测试解决方案,一款对N2640A WireScope Pro的可选择的工具包,可使实地测试效果与10GBASE-T性能测试相一致。并允许电缆安装者纠正起初非一致性和边缘链接。得益于这一创新的测试方法包括: • 与实地测试的相关的测试时间由小时降到了秒 • 测试结果可直接从仪器上获得,一旦在边缘安装允许使用者采取立即措施 • 行踪和故障修理模块可以迅速发现故障地点 • 通过使用附加的半导体对,可确实全面升级时间 • 安装方便 操作时具有清晰的位置指示信号和引导步骤 安捷伦光子学和网络测试部副总裁兼总经理Alois Hauk说:“我们非常高兴Solarflare在WireScope Pro上采用我们的外来串扰测试包。其为我们的客户提供了不确认的快速测试和发现修理故障的解决方案,满足了经济有效,便于操作的测量设备的需要。” Solarflare市场部副总裁Bruce Tolley说:“来自安捷伦的安装铜质电缆的实用性测试包,由于其极好的测试产品而出名,对10GBASE-T性能测试是关键的一步。通过使用户使用安装的电缆作为向10比特过渡的基础。企业数据中心和网络从这一最新的以太网技术获得经济效益。” 安捷伦N2648A是基于WireScope Pro,DualRemote Pro和一对或是多对外来串扰体的外来串扰测试解决方案。每一个或是两个刺激器与干扰链接端相连接,显示状态允许同时控制刺激器。在WireScope Pro 和DualRemote Pro捕捉到外来串扰的一个或多个讨论链接时, 刺激器用一个已知的信号光谱在测试中刺激链接。直接的解决方案仿效通讯系统的行为,与TSB-155指导方针 和 10GBASE-T链接段说明相一致。 original text [COLOR=#708090]Agilent Technologies and Solarflare Communications Demonstrate Tools that Enable Cost-Effective 10-Gigabit Ethernet Upgrades on Installed Copper Cabling Network Equipment and Field Test Tools in Accordance with the TIA/EIA 10GBASE-T TSB-155 Guidelines Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) and Solarflare Communications, a leading vendor of 10-Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) products, today will demonstrate network elements and validation tools that enable 10GBASE-T operation over installed LAN cabling. The products enable network operators to cost-effectively upgrade their installed networks to 10 GbE. The demonstration will take place at Interop 2007, Las Vegas, at Booth 1774. One of the main concerns about operating 10 GbE over existing copper installations is the impact of alien crosstalk on the effective transmission capacity. Alien crosstalk from tightly bound LAN cables can increase the number of packet retransmissions on a disturbed channel longer than 37 meters, and can eventually lead to reduced transmission bandwidth. Agilent’s N2648A alien crosstalk test solution, an optional extension kit to the N2640A WireScope Pro, enables field testing of 10GBASE-T conformance and allows cabling installers to correct initially non-conforming and marginal links. Benefits of this innovative measurement approach include: • labor times associated with the field test reduced from hours to minutes; • test results available directly on the instrument, allowing a user to take immediate action in case of a marginal installation; • tracking and troubleshooting modes for fast failure location; • scalable overall validation time through the use of additional stimulator pairs; and • easy set-up and operation with clear status indication and guided process steps. "We are pleased that Solarflare has adopted our alien crosstalk test kit for the WireScope Pro," said Alois Hauk, vice president and general manager of Agilent’s Photonic and Network Test Division. "Our solution removes a major barrier for 10GBASE-T upgrades of installed copper. It provides our customers with an incredibly fast test and troubleshooting solution that satisfies their need for cost-efficient, easy-to-operate measurement equipment." "The availability of a test kit for installed copper cabling from Agilent, known for its excellent testing products, is an important step in the adoption of 10GBASE-T," said Bruce Tolley, vice president of marketing at Solarflare. "By enabling customers to use installed cabling as the basis for their move to 10 GbE, enterprise data centers and networks can easily and cost-effectively benefit from the higher performance of this latest Ethernet technology." Agilent’s N2648A alien crosstalk test solution is based on the WireScope Pro, the DualRemote Pro and one or multiple pairs of alien crosstalk stimulators. Each of the two stimulators attached to the ends of a disturbing link displays the status and allows control of both stimulators. The active stimulator excites the link under test with a known signal spectrum, while the WireScope Pro and DualRemote Pro capture the alien crosstalk of one or more "talking" links. The straightforward solution emulates the behavior of the communication system and is in conformance with the guidelines of TSB-155 and the 10GBASE-T link segment specification.[/COLOR]

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