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即将开展的研究将调查在可印刷电子和其他电子类型中使用这些材料的市场机遇,回顾从事该领域的公司,以及预计该材料未来如何商业化。 2007年5月11日新闻 弗吉尼亚州GLEN ALLEN消息――领先的行业分析公司NanoMarkets宣布了一项即将推出的调查报告,将分析在可印刷电子和其他电子类型中使用纳米晶硅和硅墨市场机遇,报告将于今年第三季度发布,并将拓展NanoMarkets公司正在进行的新兴的电子市场,该报告及其他报告的详细信息可登录NanoMarkets公司网站咨询。 电子中应用纳米晶硅和硅墨的机遇:2007-2014 由于可印刷电子开始成为不可忽视的力量,其未来将依赖于高性能的半导体墨。目前,主要关注有机墨,但是出现了严重的灵活性,稳定性和成本挑战。结果,一些企业正面临将基于纳米晶硅或其他硅化合物的硅墨商业化。同时,半导体行业正在寻找新的原材料,因为他们不断面对尺度问题。该报告还将调查纳米晶硅在存储领域的潜能,对于电子器件和硅设备生产如此之多的理解,硅材料在所有电子市场具有自然的优势。目前从事这些原材料的公司包括Freescale,Innovalight,Micron, Samsung, Seiko, 以及Epson等,在硅墨和纳米晶方面还有重要的工作在研究室,尤其在亚洲实验室处理。 这是“首次分析和预测电子应用中的硅墨和纳米晶材料市场潜能的报告。”报告调查了现今企业在该领域正在从事什么工作以及这些重要的新兴硅材料在未来如何推向市场。该报告调查了就这些材料如何应用以及何时应用于光伏,照明,RFID,显示器底版以及计算机存储的详细探讨,还探讨了围绕制造纳米晶材料和墨的一些技术事项,以及这些材料在市场上与其他半导体材料如何公平竞争。 有关NanoMarkets NanoMarkets是薄膜,有机,和可印刷电子业务(TOP电子)的市场,技术研究和行业分析服务的领先提供商,自公司成立以来,NanoMarkets出版了20多项全面的研究报告,介绍新兴的技术市场。主题涵盖传感器,显示器,OLEDs, HB-LEDs, e-paper, RFID,光伏,智能包装,新型电池技术,印刷电子,有机电子,记忆与存储技术及其他新兴技术。NanoMarkets的客户名册是在专业化学制药,原材料,电子应用以及制造行业的企业名人。NanoMarkets也开展了博客。 original text: [COLOR=#708090]NanoMarkets to Report on Nanocrystalline Silicon and Silicon Inks The upcoming study will examine the market opportunities arising from the use of these materials in printable and other forms of electronics, review what firms are doing in this space, and predict how the materials are likely to evolve commercially in the future. May 11, 2007 GLEN ALLEN, VA /PRNewswire/ —— NanoMarkets, a leading industry analyst firm, has announced an upcoming report that will address the market opportunities arising from the use of nanocrystalline silicon and silicon inks in printable and other forms of electronics. The report will be available in Q3 of this year and extends NanoMarkets‘ on-going coverage of emerging electronics markets. Details about this and other reports can be found on the firm‘s web site. Opportunities for Nanocrystalline Silicon and Silicon Inks in Electronics: 2007-2014 As printed electronics emerges as a force to be reckoned with, its future will be dependent on high-performance semiconductor inks. At present, most of the focus is on organic inks, but these present serious mobility, stability, and cost challenges. As a result, a few companies are on the verge of commercializing silicon inks based on nanocrystalline silicon or on other silicon compounds. At the same time, the semiconductor industry is looking for new materials, as they increasingly face scaling issues. It is also investigating the potential for nanocrystalline silicon, especially in the memory area. With so much understood about the electronic properties and manufacturing of silicon devices, silicon-based materials have a natural advantage in all electronics markets. Firms that are now looking at these materials include Freescale, Innovalight, Micron, Samsung, Seiko, and Epson, to name but a few. There is also important work on silicon inks and nanomaterials being done in the lab, especially in Asia. This is the "first report of its kind that analyzes and forecasts the market potential for silicon inks and nanocrystalline materials in electronics applications." The report examines what firms are doing in this space today and how these important new silicon materials are likely to evolve commercially in the future. The report also includes a detailed discussion of how and when these materials will be used in applications such as photovoltaics, lighting, RFIDs, display backplanes, and computer memory. It also discusses the technical issues around making nanocrystalline materials and inks and how these materials are likely fair in the marketplace in competition with other semiconductor materials. About NanoMarkets NanoMarkets is a leading provider of market and technology research and industry analysis services for the thin-film, organic, and printable electronics businesses (which we refer to as TOP Electronics.) Since the firm‘s founding, NanoMarkets has published over two dozen comprehensive research reports on emerging technology markets. Topics covered have included sensors, displays, OLEDs, HB-LEDs, e-paper, RFID, photovoltaics, smart packaging, novel battery technologies, printed electronics, organic electronics, emerging memory and storage technologies, and other promising technologies. NanoMarkets‘ client roster is a who‘s who of companies in specialty chemicals, materials, electronics applications, and manufacturing. NanoMarkets also hosts a blog on the Web. [/COLOR]

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