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2007年04月28日 14:25:00 中国传动网

无线合作伙伴计划为集成商提供最新技术,这些集成商目前从事无线LAN设计和安装,该计划还为传统有线结构化布线系统集成商和安装商提供新商业机遇。 RICHMOND, IN—百通宣布推出百通无线集成商(BWI)渠道计划。百通是为企业,工业,广播,住宅系统和楼宇管理系统开发信号传输解决方案的全球龙头企业。该新渠道合作伙伴计划的主要目的是建立一个全面的系统集成商和承包商合作伙伴的网络,这些系统集成商和承包商合作伙伴有足够的资历为百通无线解决方案提供设计,安装和维修服务。 BWI渠道计划将与非常受欢迎的百通IBDN经鉴定的系统买主(CSV)计划相似。百通无线集成商计划的参与者将接受全面饿百通无线解决方案训练,手把手培训以及相关认证,包括系统设计,系统理念,安装,测试和维护。 据百通毗邻区域科技营销总监Bill Miller表示:“对结合高性能和最具灵活性的安全,可靠的无线网络的需求不断增长,百通领先实现了这种需求,最初是运用百通无线解决方案,现在运用BWI渠道计划。” “随着市场对无线LAN的需求增长,BWI计划为集成商提供了极大的发展潜能,” Miller继续道,“随着BWI得到认证,通过为客户提供一个绝好的无线LAN架构—百通的革命性的抗干扰信道覆盖技术,已经开始出售和安装无线通信系统的集成商可以建立新的收入计划,另外,通过为其目前的系列产品和服务增加无线LAN,目前专业从事基于铜或光纤的结构化布线网络的承包商和安装商可以获得新的商业机会。” 百通邀请合格的候选人申请百通BWI合作伙伴计划,并特别邀请了目前活跃在WLAN市场或正考虑进入快速增长的业务机遇的CSV。成功的候选人将完成百通无线集成商协议,参加一个全面的教学培训计划,该培训计划包括百通无线解决方案的原理,简单的基本组成计划课程。经过授权的百通无线集成商渠道合作伙伴将收到一份完整的营销材料,包括手册,正版CD,设计工具,技术公报以及更多资料,这些材料详细介绍了百通无线解决方案的所有的特性和优点,旨在发起每个合作商致力于市场开拓和销售。 百通无线解决方案简介 百通无线解决方案提供数据,视频和基于WLAN的语音技术(VoWLAN)的无缝集成,并且对于基于Wi-Fi的语音传输也有待于验证。该新的动态方案建立于一个较传统基于蜂窝的拓扑学基本不同的无线网络架构。标准的WLAN运用基于蜂窝的技术,该技术要求复杂的RF蜂窝计划以避免双信道干扰,百通无线解决方案运用一个单信道覆盖技术,该技术允许每个无线电频道可以在任何地方,任何接入点使用,由此生成不间断无线覆盖而无信号延迟或双信道干扰的问题。 美国百通电线电缆公司简介 美国百通电线电缆公司是设计、生产、销售用于数据网络和各种专业电子产品市场(包括娱乐、工业、建筑管理和航天应用产品)的信号传输产品的领先商。百通在北美和欧洲拥有生产设施,并在美国、加拿大、新加坡、澳大利亚以及荷兰拥有分销中心。百通多数的生产、工程以及支持职能部门均已在国际标准化组织 (International Organization for Standardization) 进行了登记。 original text: [COLOR=#708090]BELDEN LAUNCHES “BELDEN WIRELESS INTEGRATOR” (BWI)CHANNEL PARTNER PROGRAM Wireless partnership program offers newest technology for integrators currently engaged in wireless LAN design and installation, and exciting new business opportunities for integrators and installers of traditional wired structured cabling systems. RICHMOND, IN – Belden, a world leader in the development of signal transmission solutions for enterprise, industrial, broadcast, residential and building management systems, announces the launch of its Belden Wireless Integrator (BWI) Channel Program. The primary purpose of the new channel partner program is to build a comprehensive network of systems integrators and contractor partners who are fully qualified to provide design, installation and maintenance services for the new Belden Wireless Solution. The structure of the BWI Channel Program will be similar to the highly popular Belden IBDN Certified System Vendor (CSV) Program. Participants in the Belden Wireless Integrator Program will be offered education, hands-on training and certification in all aspects of the Belden Wireless Solution – including system design/concept, installation, testing and maintenance. According to Bill Miller, Director, Adjacent Technology Marketing for Belden, “There is a growing demand in the marketplace for secure, reliable wireless networks that combine the benefits of high performance and utmost mobility. Belden has taken the lead in fulfilling this need – first with our Belden Wireless Solution, and now with the BWI Channel Program.” “The BWI program offers tremendous growth potential for integrators as market demand for wireless LANs increases,” Miller continued. “With BWI certification, integrators already engaged in selling and installing wireless communications systems can build new revenue streams by offering customers a superior wireless LAN architecture – Belden‘s revolutionary, interference-free Channel Blanket technology. In addition, contractors and installers currently specializing in the implementation of copper- and fiber-based structured cabling networks can gain new business opportunities by adding the wireless LAN option to their existing portfolio of products and services.” Belden invites qualified applicants to apply for the Belden BWI Partner Program, and extends a special invitation to current CSVs already active in the WLAN market or those considering entry into this rapidly growing business opportunity. Successful applicants will complete a Belden Wireless Integrator Agreement and a comprehensive classroom training program with a planned curriculum involving the principles, simplicity and essential components of the Belden Wireless Solution. Authorized Belden Wireless Integrator channel partners will receive a full suite of marketing materials, including brochures, promotional CDs, design tools, technical bulletins and more. These materials spell out in detail all the features and benefits of the Belden Wireless Solution, and are designed to jump-start each partner‘s marketing and sales efforts. About the Belden Wireless Solution The Belden Wireless Solution provides for the seamless convergence of data, video and voice (VoWLAN) and is future-proofed for Voice over Wi-Fi(TM). This dynamic new solution is built on a fundamentally different wireless network architecture than traditional cell-based topologies. While standard WLANs use cell-based technologies requiring complex RF Cell Planning to avoid co-channel interference, the Belden Wireless Solution uses a unique Channel Blanket topology that allows each radio channel to be used everywhere, at every access point, thereby creating blankets of continuous wireless coverage with no roaming latency or co-channel interference problems. Equally important, high throughput is achieved even when cell traffic is high. The Belden Wireless Solution is exceptionally easy to deploy, configure, validate and maintain, providing plug-n-play flexibility to add or remove APs with no effect on the existing set-up. Full compliance with IEEE 802.11a/b/g protocol and security standards is maintained. About Belden Belden is a leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of signal transmission solutions for data networking and a wide range of specialty electronics markets including entertainment, industrial, building management and aerospace applications. Belden has manufacturing facilities in North America and Europe as well as distribution centers in the U.S., Canada, Singapore, Australia and The Netherlands. A majority of Belden‘s manufacturing, engineering and support functions are registered to the International Organization for Standardization. [/COLOR]

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