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Dresser-Rand从泰科流体控制公司收购Gimpel 阀门业务

2007年04月12日 13:23:00 中国传动网

休斯顿2007年4月5号消息,Dresser-Rand集团有限公司宣布其已经从泰科流体控制公司收购了Gimpel阀门业务,Gimpel产品包括阀门生产线、节流阀和为保护蒸汽涡轮机的不归零制阀门以及在工业及海运领域应用的相关设备。 在收购发布的当天,Dresser-Rand的总裁兼首席执行官Vincent R. Volpe, Jr.宣布:收购与公司的附加收购战略是相一致的,我们相信Gimpel业务能帮助Dresser-Rand的客户扩展更多潜在价值。介于Gimpel广泛的安装基础,外加Dresser-Rand本身的实力和全球服务网络,我们可以看到在安装服务基础之上,有更多发展我们配件市场业务的机遇。 对于此次交易的评价,泰科流体控制(美国)公司总裁Richard Lundgren说:“作为我们的发电产业已经转向了超临界燃煤发电和核能应用,Gimpel线战略已不再适应我们的业务。但是,Gimpel在瞄准市场机遇方面,因为其持久的产品信誉和高性能表现,仍然是一个强有力的战略品牌。” 50多年里,Gimpel在这一领域里已成为行业领导者,为U.S.海军核动力航空母舰和潜水艇提供关键阀门。Dresser-Rand同样还是U.S.海军战舰主要的蒸汽轮机,船舶服务和应急发电机装置。此外,公司的辅助蒸汽轮机用于主要的给水泵、辅助给水泵、循环泵、消防泵和备用油泵。 宣布收购之日,Dresser-Rand为Gimpel产品和服务设备在Gimpel线上转换了顺序。 Dresser-Rand是全球涡轮设备解决方案的最大的提供商,主要供给在油、气、石化产品和过程行业。其服务于美国、法国、德国、挪威和印度一些国家的制造业,建造了26个服务网络,产品支持中心覆盖全球140个国家。 公司提供许多在工业上用的蒸汽轮机,源于其全球化的销售、制造和服务网络,Dresser-Rand对其家族企业遗产蒸汽轮机的发展还是很不错的,如Moore, Murray, Nadrowski, Terry, Turbodyne, Worthington和 COPPUS. 更多信息,请登录http://www.dresser-rand.com. original text Dresser-Rand Purchases Gimpel Valve Business from Tyco Flow Control [COLOR=#708090]HOUSTON, April 5, 2007 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX News Network/ —— Dresser-Rand Group Inc. 『"Dresser-Rand" or the "Company" (NYSE: DRC)』 today announced that it has acquired the Gimpel business from Tyco Flow Control, a reporting unit of Tyco International (NYSE: TYC; Brussels). Gimpel products include a line of trip, trip throttle, and non-return valves to protect steam turbines and related equipment in industrial and marine applications. In a joint announcement issued today, Vincent R. Volpe, Jr., Dresser-Rand President and CEO, stated that the acquisition is consistent with the company‘s "bolt-on" acquisition strategy. "We believe that the Gimpel business will help us extend the Dresser-Rand value proposition to our clients," he emphasized. "With Gimpel‘s extensive installed base, coupled with Dresser-Rand‘s strength and global service network, we see opportunities to service Gimpel‘s under-served installed base and further grow our aftermarket business." Commenting on the transaction, Richard Lundgren, president of Tyco Flow Control, Americas, said "As our power generation focus has shifted more towards supercritical coal and nuclear applications, the Gimpel line was no longer a strategic fit with our business. However, Gimpel remains a strong brand in its niche market with an enduring reputation of proven technology and high-quality product performance." For more than 50 years, Gimpel has been a leader in its field, supplying critical valves for U.S. Navy nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and submarines. Dresser-Rand also is a key supplier of steam turbines for U.S. Navy ships for main propulsion, ship service and emergency generator sets. Additionally, the company‘s auxiliary steam turbine drivers are used for main feed pumps, auxiliary feed pumps, circulating pumps, fire pumps and standby oil pumps. With the announcement today, Dresser-Rand will immediately begin taking orders for Gimpel products and servicing equipment in the Gimpel line. Dresser-Rand is among the largest global suppliers of rotating equipment solutions to the worldwide oil, gas, petrochemical, and process industries. It operates manufacturing facilities in the United States, France, Germany, Norway, and India, and maintains a network of 26 service and support centers covering more than 140 countries. The company offers the most comprehensive steam turbine selection in the industry, backed by a worldwide network of sales, manufacturing and service support for all Dresser-Rand and legacy steam turbines such as Moore, Murray, Nadrowski, Terry, Turbodyne, Worthington, and COPPUS. For information about Dresser-Rand, go to its website at http://www.dresser-rand.com. [/COLOR]
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