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2007年03月31日 09:13:00 中国传动网

无线电万能测试机3.0可为音频、视频、导航和自动化应用提供改良的测试系统。 2007年3月28日,Mindready为最新软件—定义为无线电工具包举行发布会――无线电万能测试机3.0。URL是一款基于NIPXI硬件和NILabVIEW及NITestStand为生产模拟数字无线变频信号提供高伸缩性、紧凑性和解决方案的软件。 工程师门能够应用URT为陆地和人造卫星广播,设计和测试无线电接收器。URT通过分析其信号的频普,可以表现出无线电接收器的性能。URT硬件包括一个PXI底盘、一个内嵌的PXI双核控制器和NIPXI-5671 2.7 GHz RF矢量信号发生器。可选择性地PXI-4461组件和拥有一个数字下变频器的PXI-5661 2.7GHz RF矢量信号分析器,也可用于音频分析或RF记录。当制造业设备在最终测试使用URT时,产品审定工程师们在审定他们的设计时就会受益于精确且全面的测试工具。 “我们现在普遍为汽车研发和制造的是一款数字化无线电组件,作为步骤发展的一部分。我们应保证组件能够在现实条件下正常工作多个小时(连续工作1500小时)。因此,我们需要一个稳定的信号发生器。”高级工程师Masayuki Fukushima在日本Toko KK说到,“通过简单填加软件组件,URT能够符合全世界模拟数字微型组件配置,这是其它信号发生器所不具备的优势。” 基于解决解决方案作为新标准的可伸缩性软件,可以被轻易地加固。根据发布内容,Mindready寄希望于现存URT2.0的功能性,应用于产生和分析无线电信号如AM、FM、信号和三通道RDS、XM、SIRIUS、HD和数字音频广播(DAB)。Mindready同样开发了一些应对日本市场的3.0版工具包,包括RF录音机、RF录音重放软件工具包、NTSC-PAL模拟视频、GPS1-频道工具包、TMC和DARC工具包。 RF录音机拥有记录任何宽带为6.8MHz,500 kHz到2.7GHz RF之间信号的能力。这是一个为RF驱动测试设计的非常紧凑的RF记录和回放系统,其使用广泛、成本低、可记录数小时。Mindready还为图书馆提供了一个为RF回放软件工具包使用的RF信号。 TMC已在欧洲非常流行,也将在南美流行。新TMC工具包提高了现存的单信号RDS工具包。 Mindready特地生产DARC工具包是为了满足日本市场的需要。它开拓了模拟FM多路广播,此项开拓可以提供概括信息、交通信息、无线寻呼和差分全球定位系统数据。开发GPS1-频道工具包和NTSC-PAL模拟视频软件工具包是为了满足制造商们设计的导航系统。 关于NI NI(www.ni.com)正在转换工程师和科学家们的设计途径,测量的原型和配置系统、自动化和内置应用NI为客户提供即用软件,如NI LabVIEW和经济省钱的硬件组件,产品远销世界范围内的25,000个不同的公司,这些客户的收入不超过3%,工业客户的收入也不超过10%。总部位于德州的Austin。NI拥遍布40个国家的4,000名员工。过去的8年里,FORTUNE杂志将NI列为美国100强公司之一。 关于Mindready Mindready Solutions有限公司是测试和内嵌系统革新解决方案的提供商,向防御、航空、自动化、交通和通信市场提供从设计到生产的一体化服务。Mindready的客户包括:Alpine, Samsung, Visteon, SIRIUS Satellite Radio, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Toyota, Alcatel和Lucent Technologies。更多关于Mindready的信息请登录www.mindready.com。 original text [COLOR=#708090][b]National Instruments and Mindready Improve Platform for Generating Analog and Digital Radio Signals Universal Radio Tester 3.0 Provides Improved Test Systems for Audio, Video, Navigation and Automotive Applications NEWS RELEASE – March 28, 2007[/b] –today announced the latest software-defined radio toolkit release, the Universal Radio Tester (URT) Version 3.0. The URT is a highly flexible, compact and affordable solution used for generating analog and digital radio frequency signals based on National Instruments PXI hardware and NI LabVIEW and NI TestStand software. Engineers can use the URT to both design and test radio receivers for terrestrial and satellite-supported broadcasting. The URT characterizes the quality of a given radio receiver by analyzing the frequency content of its signal. The URT hardware consists of a PXI chassis, an embedded PXI dual-core controller and the National Instruments PXI-5671 2.7 GHz RF vector signal generator. Optionally, the PXI-4461 module and the PXI-5661 2.7 GHz RF vector signal analyzer with a digital downconverter can also be used for audio analysis or RF recording. Design product validation engineers benefit from accurate and comprehensive tools to validate their designs, while manufacturing facilities use URTs for final testing. “We are currently developing and manufacturing a digital radio module for automobiles, and, as part of the development process, we must ensure that the module will work reliably under real conditions for several hours (up to 1,500 hours continuously). Thus, we needed a stable signal generator,” said Masayuki Fukushima, senior engineer at Toko KK in Japan. “By simply adding software modules, the URT is able to address worldwide analog and digital modulation schemes, which is an advantage that no other signal generator offers.” The flexible software-based solution can be easily upgraded as new standards are released. With this release, Mindready is building on the existing URT 2.0 functionality, which is used for generating and analyzing radio signals such as AM, FM, single and three-channel RDS, XM, SIRIUS, HD Radio (IBOC) and Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB). Mindready has also developed several new toolkits in Version 3.0, including the RF Recorder and the RF Playback software toolkits, NTSC-PAL analog video, GPS 1-Channel Toolkit, and the Traffic Monitoring and Control (TMC) and Data Radio Channel (DARC) toolkits for the Japanese market. The RF Recorder has the ability to record any RF signals between 500 kHz and 2.7 GHz with a bandwidth of 6.8 MHz. This is a very compact RF record and playback system designed for RF drive tests and field measurements, which uses external, low-cost storage capacity that can record hours of test drive. Mindready also offers a library of RF signals for its RF Playback software toolkit. TMC, already popular in Europe, is becoming more popular in North America. The new TMC Toolkit improves on the existing single-channel RDS toolkit. Mindready designed the DARC Toolkit specifically to meet Japanese market needs. It was developed to simulate FM multiplex broadcasting, which provides services such as general information, traffic information, radio paging and differential GPS data by multiplexing digital signals with existing FM stereo broadcasting signals. The GPS 1-Channel Toolkit and the NTSC-PAL Analog Video Software Toolkit were developed to address the needs of manufacturers who design navigation system. About National Instruments National Instruments (www.ni.com) is transforming the way engineers and scientists design, prototype and deploy systems for measurement, automation and embedded applications. NI empowers customers with off-the-shelf software such as NI LabVIEW and modular cost-effective hardware, and sells to a broad base of more than 25,000 different companies worldwide, with no one customer representing more than 3 percent of revenue and no one industry representing more than 10 percent of revenue. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, NI has more than 4,000 employees and direct operations in nearly 40 countries. For the past eight years, FORTUNE magazine has named NI one of the 100 best companies to work for in America. 关于NI About Mindready Mindready Solutions Inc. is a leading supplier of innovative solutions for test and embedded systems serving the defense/aerospace, automotive/transportation and telecommunications markets from design to manufacturing. Mindready’s clients include companies such as Alpine, Samsung, Visteon, SIRIUS Satellite Radio, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Toyota, Alcatel and Lucent Technologies. More information about Mindready and its products, systems and engineering services can be found at www.mindready.com. [/COLOR]

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